Italian Economy


Statistical Appendix (Energy Consumption in England and Italy 1560-1913. Two Pathways toward the Energy Transition)

1. Per capita Energy Consumption in England and Wales and in central northern Italy 1560-1913;

2. Consumer Price indices and Wages in England and Wales 1560-1830.



Statistical Appendix (When did England overtake Italy? Medieval and early Modern Divergence in Prices and Wages)

Consumer Price Indices and Wages

in Central-Northern Italy and Southern England

1300-1850 (2012) (excel file)


Consumer Price Index (1250-2010) (2008; revision 2015)


Wage Rates: North and South (1700-1913) (2008)

(From: P. Malanima, An Age of Decline. Product and Income

in Eighteenth-Nineteenth Century Italy, in

“Rivista di Storia Economica”, n.s., XXI, 2006, 3, pp. 91-133).


Energy Consumption (1861-2000) (2008)

(Appendix from: P. Malanima, Energy Consumption

in Italy in the 19th and 20th Centuries, Napoli, Issm-Cnr, 2006).


Urban Population (1300-1861) (2005; revision 2015)

(A Database of the Italian Cities 1300-1861).


Wheat Prices in Tuscany (1260-1860) (2005)


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